Funeral Home in Indianapolis

Funeral Home Services in Indianapolis, Indiana

Funeral home services can be affordable in Indianapolis, Indiana. Just give us a call and see for yourself! We have been providing honorable funeral ceremonies and services in Indy for over 50 years. We are experts at arranging funerals and suggesting products and services to best fit your wishes as well as your budget. We offer everything from funeral and cremation packages, to casket rentals and more. Trust us to deliver the most inspiring and rewarding funeral home services in Indianapolis, Indiana, at a lower cost than you could believe! Planning funeral arrangements in Indianapolis, IN can be very stressful and time consuming if you do not have the right support during the process. Expert funeral directors like ourselves have dedicated our lives to providing this service, and more, for families in need all over Indiana. We want to make the process easier by preparing all the details for you. There is never any pressure to buy and we insist on giving you all the time you need to make your decisions. Trust us to provide professional funeral arrangements for your loved one in Indianapolis, IN.

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Our Mission Statement:
“N. F. Chance Funeral Home & Cremation Service has been serving the Indianapolis, Indiana community for over 50 years. We are dedicated to providing the highest standards of professionalism, dignity, and compassion in order to preserve the sanctity of your loved one’s funeral. The founders, Norman and Edith Chance, established the home on the idea that funerals can be affordable, and still properly honor the loss of your loved one. So with prices fit for anyone’ budget, our company has been able to provide beautiful and inspiring funeral services for thousands of wonderful families all over Indiana.”

-Robert L. Chance